JETT: The Far Shore is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure game originally released in 2021, and it's about to receive a free expansion, expanding the title with an all-new campaign. It's called Given Time, and it was revealed back in October, and we now have a release date: prepare for lift-off on 31st January.

Taking place three years after the events of the base game, you will once again play as Mei, as she awakes from torpor to find a weathered old Jett idling outside. With less focus on narrative and more on the open-ended exploration aspect of the game, Given Time presents a perfect opportunity to explore the vast expanse of this mysterious world once more.

While we didn't love JETT in our review of the base game, Given Time appears to lean into the parts of it we did like (exploration, atmosphere) and less on the parts we didn't (the story). Will you be checking out Given Time when the appointed time comes? Let us know in the comments section below.