Dead Space Resolution Graphics Bug Patch 1.000.002 EA

Update: A new patch for Dead Space’s PS5 remake is now available to download, and it completely eradicates a bug which was previously affecting the release’s visuals. The game now looks and performs as intended, so if you're playing the sci-fi horror, make sure you get the update downloaded and installed.

EA is plotting a patch for Dead Space’s otherwise acclaimed PS5 remake which will fix a resolution scaling issue. Fans on Reddit spotted the title’s image quality would take an unprecedented dip in select situations, ruining the visuals. Many believe this bug is a fault of Virtual Super Resolution – a technology which enables a release to render at higher resolutions before being downscaled to a typical display – and was introduced with the title’s v1.000.002 patch, as it wasn’t occurring as aggressively prior.

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“The team is working on a patch that will improve the issue on PS5,” a spokesperson wrote on the series’ official Reddit page. “[There’s] no ETA quite yet, but I’ll keep you all updated. Thank you for your patience as well as your help with identifying this issue!”

Obviously, these kind of issues can occur, but it’s disappointing to see the launch weekend of an otherwise excellent game disrupted by such a silly bug. If you purchased a physical copy, you could try playing unpatched for the time being – otherwise, you may just have to wait until the update is out. It’s an annoying situation, no doubt, but these things happen from time to time.

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