PSVR classics Moss and Moss: Book II are being given native PSVR2 versions that will be ready to release alongside Sony's new VR headset in February 2023, but the kicker for current owners is they'll need to pay full price to play them. Polyarc has confirmed to Push Square it won't be offering free PSVR to PSVR2 upgrades for either title; there's not even a paid upgrade path.

Instead, Moss will be offered at $17.99 while its sequel will be $26.99 due to a 10 per cent PS Store discount — this will presumably go away after a short time. Alternatively, you can get them both in a bundle for $34.99.

As for why Polyarc decided to take this route, communications director Lincoln Davis said the following: "The games are not set up as cross-buy for PSVR2 owners that previously purchased the PSVR versions of the games. It takes a lot of time and resources to properly bring titles like Moss and Moss: Book II to new platforms. And the majority of that time in this case was spent optimizing both games to feature updated experiences for players leveraging the new hardware technology."

The developer says the PSVR2 versions are set up to take advantage of all the features the Sony headset boasts of, like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, eye tracking, and a greater field of view. It'll also run at 90 frames-per-second, using a 4K resolution with lighting and texture improvements.

However, games such as After the Fall and No Man's Sky say they'll make use of the same features and will offer a free PSVR to PSVR2 upgrade. It means PSVR2 buyers are put in a frustrating spot where some games they'll need to pay for all over again, while others will be offered for free despite promising the same exact enhancements. Polyarc isn't even taking the Sony route of offering a $10 upgrade path should you wish to grab the new version of a game you already own. Instead, it's full price for those buying the device on day one.