PSVR2 Required The Walking Dead Retribution PS5 Boxart 1
Image: Push Square

PSVR2, much like the original PSVR headset, lends itself nicely to digital downloads. When you’ve got your face strapped in, it can be an inconvenience fumbling around for Blu-ray cases and disc slots. Nevertheless, plenty of people still prefer to own physical media, and that’s fine. As such, here’s our first look at the boxart for a PS5 game where virtual reality is required to play.

To be honest, there are no surprises on this cover for – deep breath – The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution - Payback Edition. While we can’t imagine the main artwork is final, the message beneath the PS5 banner is similar to the one Sony used for the PS4: there’s a small headset icon and a short sentence pointing out that PSVR2 is required.

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We imagine most major PSVR2 games will eventually get retail releases, although the medium really does lend itself well to digital. We should add, this retail version of Saints & Sinners 2 includes a bunch of in-game bonuses, including weapon recipes, which will surely come in useful when you’re trying to see off an unstoppable horde of undead.

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