Hogwarts Legacy is looking like a dream game, and this latest gameplay showcase has done little to dissuade our opinion. The footage starts off by showcasing traversal, both on broom and mount – in this instance, a Hippogriff. You’ll be able to upgrade and customise your broom, but it’s worth noting that the game is set during the 1800s, so these are more primitive accessories. Nevertheless, there’s a great flow on show here: you’re able to go faster when closer to the ground, so the game encourages you to sweep high and low.

We get to see more combat on display as part of a Dark Arts arena, which annoyingly is restricted to the premium versions of the game, like the Digital Deluxe Edition. Nevertheless, it’s part of the Forbidden Forest, and takes the form of waves-based combat skirmishes. One neat thing on display here is the way your plants and potions factor into combat: you can drop Mandrakes on the floor to stun enemies, for example, or drink a specific potion to buff your armour.

Finally, the gameplay gets all Animal Crossing with the Room of Requirement. This not only functions as a core part of Hogwarts for you to grow your plants and craft your clothing, but it’s also completely customisable. You can decorate everything, from the furnishings to the wallpaper, allowing you to really personalise your own space. And then once you head out into the vivarium, the same is true outdoors, as you build the best possible environment for your animals. You can name all of your fantastic beasts, and even play games with them. Building relationships with your pets will enable you to unlock more resources, which all helps you to progress through the campaign.

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