Update: Wired Productions has confirmed there’ll be no PS4 version of The Last Worker. It sent us the following statement: “Last-gen was considered early in the development process but, apart from a single trailer that incorrectly featured a PS4 logo, the focus since the start of this year has been to make the best PC, next-gen, Nintendo Switch, and VR versions of The Last Worker possible. We’re particularly excited to announce we’ll be launching on PSVR2 in 2023.”

Original Article: The Last Worker is pulling no punches with its depiction of a dystopian automated distribution centre. And you’ll be able to experience the horrors of the Jüngle Corporation up close and personal, with full PSVR2 support announced today. The title will also be playable in pancake mode on PS5, although the previously announced PS4 version appears to have been cancelled. We’ll double-check with publisher Wired Productions just to clarify that’s the case.

“The Last Worker will be available as a PS5 game and a PSVR2 title, but players won’t need to pay for an upgrade,” the press release reads. “Players who buy the game on PS5 will receive both versions – and the save files and progress carry over between them, meaning if wannabe dispatchers spend the morning fully immersed in the PSVR2 world of JFC-1, but want to quickly get a shift in later without setting up your VR kit, they can carry on playing on their TV in true flat-packed mode.”

To celebrate the news, there’s a new trailer embedded above depicting the horrors of Christmas consumerism. The release has an all-star voice cast, including the likes of Jason Isaacs from Harry Potter and Tommie Earl Jenkins from Death Stranding. There’s no release date just yet, but the title’s due out at some point in 2023. There’ll also be a physical version with a reversible sleeve, double-sided poster, and sticker set.

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