If you're looking for some fast-paced, kart racing thrills on PS5 and PS4, Disney Speedstorm looks as though it could be a solid option. The free-to-play racer was announced back in February, and will feature various familiar Disney characters vying for first place. Unfortunately, it's a little further from the finish line than we thought.

The game was planned to release this year, but has remained in development throughout 2022. Though there was little doubt at this stage, developer Gameloft has now confirmed the game will be pushed back, releasing at some point in 2023.

In its statement, Gameloft explains the decision was made in order to "meet our expectations and provide players with a more immersive racing experience, customization offerings, game modes and more". The team is planning regular development updates so fans can stay in the loop. "We'd like to thank our community for their invaluable feedback and can't wait for you to see what the team has been working hard to bring you," the announcement concludes.

We sincerely hope this turns out well; a Disney-themed kart racer seems like a no-brainer, and if they can get the gameplay right, it will help to fill the arcade racing gap in PlayStation's library. Are you excited for Disney Speedstorm? Race ya to the comments section below.

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