Ys X Release Window

As per developer Falcom's latest financials report, it looks like the next Ys game — probably titled Ys X — will release before the end of September, 2023. However, it should be noted that this report only refers to the Japanese market — meaning that the West may have to wait a bit longer for a publisher like NIS America to bring the game overseas.

Still, it gives us some idea of how far along Ys X actually is. The title was first teased with debut artwork back in the summer, but Falcom's yet to fully announce the project. We imagine that'll be happening soon.

In the meantime, there's plenty of Ys to go around. The largely excellent Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is getting a PS5 port in just a few days, and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is getting a similar re-release in spring 2023. But if you want to play these slick action RPGs right now, both titles are available on PS4 through PS Plus Extra.

What are you hoping for from the next Ys game? Wonder what kind of mess Adol's got himself into this time in the comments section below.

[source falcom.co.jp, via gematsu.com]