The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

We already know that Sony contributed to the development of The Callisto Protocol, but the extent of its support may surprise you. Images of the credits – posted on ResetEra – reveal that around 150 employees from the platform holder’s Visual Arts Services Group and Malaysian team aided developer Striking Distance Studios on the project.

PlayStation often supports the creation of third-party titles by loaning out its state-of-the-art motion capture studios, and assisting on things like audio mixing and cinematics. But this looks like one of its biggest assignments on a non-first-party game to date, with the aforementioned 150 employees credited as contributing to the title.

Sony does have marketing rights to the release, but hasn’t signed it as a timed console exclusive, so it’ll launch on most major systems later this week. Of course, it will have been paid for its assistance, and based on what we’ve played of The Callisto Protocol thus far, you can certainly see how PlayStation’s support has elevated the entire experience – the cinematics specifically are stunning!