Streets of Rage Movie 1

SEGA is making a Streets of Rage movie in collaboration with Lionsgate, and John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is leading the project. The film – which was announced earlier in the year, but is seemingly picking up speed now – does not have a release date, but Kolstad seems excited about it. “When [Sonic the Hedgehog movie producer Dmitri Johnson] first mentioned the idea of cracking a Streets of Rage movie, I was so immediately freaking in! And to play with SEGA? The 10-year-old me is still grinning!”

Streets of Rage is of course best known for its uber-popular run during the 16-bit era on the SEGA Genesis, but it has regained popularity in recent years thanks to DotEmu’s excellent Streets of Rage 4. It’s not hard to imagine what a movie adaptation would look like: we’re thinking lots of choreographed street fights on rain-slicked neon city streets. Obviously, SEGA has had huge success with its Sonic the Hedgehog movies, and video game adaptations in general are all the rage right now.

One to watch out for, this.

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