Streets of Rage 4

It's not just Sonic the Hedgehog that SEGA wants to branch out to the movie business. According to a new report from Deadline, the publisher's beloved beat-'em-up series, Streets of Rage, is also up for adaptation.

Yes, we'll be seeing Axel, Blaze, and many other fan favourites handing out vigilante justice on the mean streets of Wood Oak City when the film hits theatres. It seems to still be very early days, however. All we know about the movie so far is that Derek Kolstad is attached to write the script. The writer is perhaps best known for creating the John Wick series, and also wrote 2021's Nobody.

dj2 Entertainment and Escape Artists are onboard to produce the film ā€” the former of these is also behind the Sonic flicks, so has clearly earned SEGA's trust with other properties.

So, we now have John Wick's writer helming a Streets of Rage movie, while the series' director Chad Stahelski is calling the shots on the Ghost of Tsushima adaptation. It certainly seems video game films are making a huge comeback, and the quality seems to be trending upwards.

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