Death Stranding

Whoever had a bet on reading that headline, you've just scored big. Following reports earlier this week that footage of one of Hideo Kojima's next games Overdose was doing the rounds in private Discord servers, the gameplay has now made its way online. You can view the footage through here, but probably even more bizarre are the circumstances surrounding the video.

The footage has been recorded by a topless man on his mobile phone, which is pointed at a laptop, which is running a seemingly private YouTube video. You catch glimpses of the man throughout the video, but once the footage comes to an end, all you have to look at is his left pec for a few seconds. Whoever said video game leaks were boring?

Gameplay has the character in a blue dress sneaking down corridors, equipped with a flashlight. Another figure flashes before her and then disappears, so she runs away. Hiding in what appears to be a classroom, the protagonist then screams and the footage cuts to a game over screen.

As for the game itself, Overdose is said to be a different project from the rumoured Death Stranding 2. It seems to be being played on a mobile phone, and features Margaret Qualley from Death Stranding. Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutuna are confirmed to star in an upcoming game from Hideo Kojima, but it's more likely to be the Death Stranding sequel rather than Overdose. Kojima has said his next project is "almost like a new medium" as it transcends video games.