Horizon Call of the Mountain’s mysterious protagonist Ryas is a master climber from the Shadow Carja clan, although “not much is known about his appearance” according to an infographic released by Guerrilla Games. That’s, of course, because you are the character; you’ll never actually see the character because you’re going to role-play as him with PSVR2.

We know that climbing is going to play an enormous part in the exclusive’s action, so it makes sense it’s one of the character’s main skills. “Born to a noble Carja family, Ryas is driven and skilled, though he has lost faith in himself,” the blurb reads. “After becoming a master climber during his youth, his time as a Shadow Carja has also made him a capable fighter and machine hunter, adept with a bow.”

While Ryas has kept his Shadow Carja clothing, he’s removed all emblems and insignias from it. “He knows his past actions, including his role in the sequestration of the young Prince Itamen, will never be forgiven by the world,” the summary continues. “Still, he seeks to regain his honour.” It sounds like an interesting character, and there’s some scope for development here.

This is the first time we’ve played as someone other than Aloy in a Horizon game, although the heroine from the mainline titles will cameo according to Guerrilla Games. Remember, pre-orders are open for Sony’s new headset right now, and you can pick up a bundle which includes this all-new adventure in the box.

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