GreedFall PS5 PS4

Spiders RPG GreedFall has been added to the list of PS4 games leaving PS Plus Extra on 15th November 2022, bringing the total up to six titles set to depart the service. First spotted by Twitter account PS Play, finding out what games will be leaving PS Plus in the future has been made a lot harder by the removal of the Last Chance to Play section. Currently, the only method is to simply scroll through every single game listing and check for the relevant text (something PS Play has very kindly done).

It now means, on 15th November 2022, the following PS4 games leave the service:

Since GreedFall was a PS Plus Essential title at the very start of 2021, its removal hopefully won't hurt quite as much. However, if you weren't a member at the time or weren't keeping up with your game redemptions, then this is another worthy title you'll no longer have access to. Our All PS Plus Games guide is keeping track of all the expiry dates up until now.

Had you been hoping to fit in a GreedFall playthrough in the future? Squeeze one in in the comments below.