PS Plus

Five PS4 games will be removed from PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on 15th November 2022, which has only just been noticed by Reddit users. Since Sony hasn't been stating any upcoming expiry dates in its blog posts, the only way to track departures is by scrolling through individual listings on the service. A very tedious process, but it has been discovered the following five titles leave the two higher tiers in just under two weeks:

This month's PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium refresh is expected to land during that same week, so a whole host of PS5, PS4 titles should be ready to replace them. However, if you were looking to play these games in the future — particularly the Mafia remasters — you've now got less than two weeks to do so. It would be possible to get all three Mafia games finished during that timespan, but you'd really have to commit to the challenge.

For more information, our All PS Plus Games guide has everything you need to know about the service. This month's PS Plus Essential lineup rolled out earlier this week, providing members with Nioh 2, Heavenly Bodies, and LEGO Harry Potter Collection. Have you been playing any of the titles that are soon departing? Share your disappointment in the comments below.