Granblue Fantasy Relink Demo

We've been waiting on Granblue Fantasy: Relink for years, but it's finally supposed to be releasing in 2023 — and the good news is that it seems to be moving towards a confirmed launch date. The PS5 and PS4 action RPG will actually be playable, for the first time ever, at Granblue Fantasy FES 2022 - 2023. The event is happening in Japan over the weekend beginning 20th January.

What's more, developer Cygames is promising new information on the title during an hour-long livestream. Now, it should be noted that if we do get additional info on a date, it's likely to be geared entirely towards Japan. However, Relink was confirmed for a global release ages ago, so localisation details would hopefully follow soon after.

We've seen bits and pieces of the game since its announcement all the way back in 2016 (jeez!), and to be fair, it has looked really good. With any luck, it'll still look great when we see it again in January.

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