Granblue Fantasy Relink

Everything we've seen of Granblue Fantasy Relink so far suggests that this is going to be an action RPG to watch in 2023. True, the game's had a rough development cycle and it was hit with another delay earlier in the year, but it at least sounds like things are progressing much more smoothly over at Cygames these days.

In a brief video that premiered at Evo 2022 this past weekend, director Tetsuya Fukuhara reassured fans that Relink is now "at the peak of development". Fukuhara seemed quite chipper about the project's current state, and reiterated that it's targeting a 2023 release date. The video also shows a tiny bit of offscreen footage, if you're dying to see more of the game.

We're hoping that we'll be seeing a lot more of Granblue Fantasy Relink over the coming months. Again, it's looked fantastic in previous gameplay demonstrations, but a new trailer or two would do a lot to push this project back into the spotlight.

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