Phwoar! Ferrari, in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, has revealed its Vision GT concept car – and as you’d expect from the Italian giant, it’s a looker to say the least! The vehicle was unveiled in Monaco as part of this weekend’s Gran Turismo World Finals, where Spain’s Coque Lopez walked away with the top prize.

As part of a presentation, Ferrari’s senior vice president of design Flavio Manzoni revealed that work started on the car over two and a half years ago. “The idea was to imagine what kind of shape the supercar of the future will have. This was not simple. It was a project that involved all the departments of Ferrari, especially aerodynamics and engineering, which defined the concept of this car.”

Manzoni added: “The idea was to create something that looks like a contradiction but it is not. We wanted to build something precise and sharp, but also organic. This contradiction makes something really special. It makes a new language and vocabulary that can inspire us in future years. We wanted a kind of seamless effect between the inner and outer surfaces, to create an organic object where art and science merge together.”

Interestingly, the car also takes inspiration from the game series it will feature in, with the steering wheel including joysticks like a PlayStation controller. In fact, fascinatingly, the wheel is not mechanically connected to the car, instead using “steer-by-wire” technology that creates its own force feedback – much like a Thrustmaster or other video game peripherals.

You’ll be able to test drive the car for yourself from 15th December, assuming you complete the ongoing in-game Gran Turismo World Finals Viewer Campaign, otherwise you’ll have to wait until 23rd December to put it through its paces.

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