Sony has today announced the lineup of PS5, PS4, and Classic games heading to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium for the month of November 2022. With 20 titles in total, they will all be available to download and stream from Tuesday, 15th November 2022. The lineup is as follows:

PS Plus Extra: November 2022

PS Plus Premium: November 2022

All these PS5, PS4, and Classic titles can be downloaded or streamed from Tuesday, 15th November 2022. To see what other games are available on the service, check out our All PS Plus Games guide.

The Skyrim - Special Edition is perhaps the biggest addition to PS Plus Extra this month, which bundles together the PS3 RPG along with all its DLC in a remastered version for PS5 and PS4. You'll also have the option of upgrading this version to the Anniversary Edition for £15.99/$19.99. It remains one of the Best PS4 RPGs, so the second tier represents great value this month.

Furthermore, this month presents the perfect opportunity to get into Kingdom Hearts. With all mainline games available through the 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix package, and then Kingdom Hearts III on its own, you've got hundreds of potential hours to spend with Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy here. They're all quality titles despite the confusing story, so maybe take them for a spin.

As a reminder, the following PS5, PS4 games leave PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on the same day the titles above enter the service:

Other good games to check out include Chorus, What Remains of Edith Finch, Rainbow Six: Siege, and the streamable PS3 Ratchet & Clank entries. What will you play first? Share your picks in the comments below.