As was alluded to earlier in the week, No Man’s Sky’s latest update – named Waypoint – is less about adding mind-blowing new features and more about rebalancing the experience so it’s easier to enjoy for both newcomers and veterans. This comes in form of several tweaks, including an information portal which will help outline your objectives, and Milestones which will acknowledge your achievements.

In addition to Custom Games, which will allow you to better tailor your playstyle, Hello Games is also adding Relaxed Mode: a more subdued difficulty option that will allow you to focus more on exploration than resource gathering and survival. Of course, if you’re already a seasoned space-farer, then expanded level caps and improved inventories are going to give you greater opportunity to venture to the far-flung corners of the universe.

As always, this is just the next step in No Man’s Sky’s journey, with more free updates planned further down the line. It’s worth remembering that the release has been announced for PSVR2, and will launch on Sony’s new headset in the near future – presumably next year. Considering the game got off to such a disappointing start, it’s truly impressive how much the title has expanded and improved over the past six years. Has all of this tempted you back in?