Marvel's Midnight Suns are set to assemble on PS5 on 2nd December (with previous-gen versions coming at a later date), and we got a series of trailers introducing us to the Daywalker himself, the half-vampire Blade. We learn more about the character's history and see how he performs on the battlefield.

You would be forgiven for only knowing the character from the iconic Wesley Snipes portrayal in the Blade trilogy of films from the late '90s and early 2000s. Blade has been revamped several times throughout his long comic book career, which began with his first appearance all the way back in 1973, and you can learn all about it in the video below.

In Midnight Suns, Blade performs a melee DPS role, supporting the rest of the squad by dispatching foes with precision and speed, utilising blades and bullets to do so. His half-vampire heritage gives him supernatural speed and enhanced senses which aid him in this role.

What do you think of Blade? Are you a fan of the character? What do you think of his inclusion in Marvel's Midnight Suns? Hunt those cursed by vampirism in the comments section below.