PS5 US Shipments
Image: Push Square

If you wanted proof that the PS5 stock situation is finally getting better, look no further than this crazy statistic from MST Financial analyst David Gibson. In the US, Sony shipments have increased by a staggering 400 per cent in September 2022, compared to September 2021. That's a near unprecedented improvement, and just goes to show how strangled the supply chain has been up until now.

This explosion in shipment numbers allowed the PS5 to outsell the Nintendo Switch in September's NPD report, it should be noted.

As Gibson points out, this will, in part, be Sony throwing its weight behind the upcoming release of God of War Ragnarok, which it obviously wants to be a blockbuster. The company clearly expects the PlayStation exclusive to shift some current-gen hardware, despite also being available on PS4.

But there's Black Friday and the holiday season to consider, too. The PS5 has been selling impressively well ever since its launch in 2020, but demand has always outstripped supply. On multiple occasions, we've said that once the PS5 is more readily available, sales figures will skyrocket — and that's probably what's going to happen once these newly shipped units hit store shelves.

The hope is that we're now heading into a period where you can actually buy a PS5 without too much trouble. Not just in the US, but in Europe and other regions as well.