PS5 Push Square
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Sony has shipped 21.7 million PS5 systems to retailers as of 31st June 2022, the firm confirmed in its financial results for Q1 of fiscal year 2022. 2.4 million consoles were shipped during that three-month period, which represents a slight increase of 100,000 across the same period for the previous fiscal year. In terms of overall profit, Sony has lowered its projected forecast by $0.4 billion due "to an expected decrease in sales of first-party titles".

At the end of its previous fiscal year, Sony predicted it would sell through 18 million machines by May 2023. In order to achieve this, sales of the console will have to pick up considerably across the next three quarters. Although, it is noted that PS5 Stock is expected to become more widely available in the coming months.

Elsewhere, sales of PS5, PS4 software reached 47.1 million, which is a significant drop compared to the 63.6 million units sold in the same quarter for fiscal year 2021. 6.4 million of those copies were first-party games from Sony β€” a drop of 4.1 million compared to the same three months last time out. There's good news for digital connoisseurs, though, with a whopping 79 per cent of all game purchases being for the digital version over the physical edition.

Finally, PS Plus has gained another million subscribers to bring the total up to 47.3 million. Since the new tiers PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium launched partway through this quarter, it is difficult to judge whether they had much of an impact on the increase in members.

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