Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 PS Showcase 1

An outlandish rumour picked up by several “reputable” websites claims that Sony has delayed its next PS Showcase due to the Competition and Markets Authority’s ongoing investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Given the scale and speed at which this story is circulating, it’s important to pump the brakes on this one with haste.

Twitter user Millie Amand – who’s alleged to have “leaked” Marvel’s Wolverine prior to release – claims that Sony has delayed plans for a livestream on 20th October, after it felt announcing multiple new “exclusive titles” could “add weight to Microsoft’s arguments”. An investigation is currently ongoing as to whether Microsoft’s proposed near-$70 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard would impede PlayStation’s ability to compete. Both sides are, of course, playing the victim to regulators.

Amand reckons that Silent Hill and the next project from Hideo Kojima would have been part of the showcase. Well, in the former’s case, Konami is going to announce it this week anyway. And in the case of the latter, assuming Kojima Productions really is on the cusp of unveiling Death Stranding 2, it appears to have its own marketing strategy in place. And none of this prevented PlayStation from unveiling the likes of Rise of the Ronin, a console exclusive, just last month.

This is perhaps the most ludicrous rumour we’ve seen scratted together by gaming websites in quite some time. The CMA’s investigation is specifically looking into the impact of Call of Duty’s potential removal from PlayStation, given its size and stature within the industry. We cannot stress enough: none of this is having an impact on the timing of the next PS Showcase.

Please, we implore you, do not believe everything you read on Twitter.