Silent Hill PS5 PlayStation 5
Image: Push Square

Well, then. We’ve all waited patiently, but it’s finally happening: Konami has confirmed an official Silent Hill broadcast for 19th October, 2022. The event – which will begin at 2PM PDT/10PM BST – promises “the latest updates on the […] series”. While many of you will jest about the possibility of pachinko machines, we know that multiple titles are in development.

One game, expected to be a remake of Silent Hill 2, is purportedly in the works at Polish studio Bloober Team – and there are rumours of other projects, including a full-blown sequel from Masahiro Ito. Just to add fuel to the fire, Ito retweeted the message about the broadcast.

Whether all of these titles will be unveiled during the same showcase is up for debate, but clearly there’s something big afoot. Of note, the publisher has also updated all of the logos and artwork on its official Silent Hill social media pages.

If you’re not sure what time to tune in on your timezone, we’ve constructed a handy little guide below for you:

  • North America: 2pm PDT / 3pm MDT / 4pm CDT / 5pm EDT
  • UK/Ire: 10pm BST
  • Europe: 11pm CEST / 12am EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 6am JST / 5am AWST / 8am AEDT

What are you hoping to see from this livestream, then? Put on your Pyramid Head hat and wait patiently in the comments section below.