PS Plus PS Stars 1
Image: Push Square

Now that PS Stars is available worldwide, you’ll probably want to refer to our PS Stars guide to complete all the current Campaigns. And one suggestion we have if you’re a PS Plus Premium member is to use your subscription’s streaming feature to save time and earn your Rewards quicker.

Some of the current challenges, like the Hit Play/1994 Campaign, require you to play specific games like Until Dawn and Heavy Rain – but if you don’t have these currently installed, you don’t need to burn through bandwidth, simply boot them using your PS Plus Premium subscription.

While not every game is available as part of Sony’s top-tier subscription service, many are, and you can find a full list courtesy of our All PS Plus Games list. To stream a game, simply search for it on your console, and select the expanded info button on the product page to access the Stream option. Wait for it to connect and begin loading the game, and voila, you’ve successfully progressed your Campaign!