Red Dead Redemption PS3

Rockstar has put development of remasters of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV on ice according to a new report from Kotaku. This is so the developer can put all of its efforts into Grand Theft Auto 6. Rumours of such a move had been swirling over the past couple of days because of a tweet from a supposedly reliable Rockstar insider, but Kotaku has offered a much more concrete and reliable statement after talking to its own sources.

The two projects have apparently also been shelved due to the poor reception the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition received at launch last year. Packed full of bugs and glitches at release, we awarded the PS5 version a 5/10, calling it "a stain on Rockstar's record". Because of this extremely negative critical reception along with poor feedback from consumers, the company is hoping everyone simply forgets about the remastered collection as it focuses on GTA 6.

However, Kotaku's sources state Rockstar hasn't entirely ruled out the possibility of returning to the two remasters at a later stage. The company could restart development, but this won't happen until GTA 6 releases. And god knows when that'll happen. One leaker said we could we waiting until 2025!

According to the website, the possibility of future remasters from Rockstar depended heavily on the sales and reception of GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. While one company executive said the collection did "just great", this doesn't seem to have been enough to greenlight the return of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption.

For now, you can stream Red Dead Redemption with a PS Plus Premium membership, but GTA 4 is lost to time. How do you react to this news? Share your thoughts in the comments below.