Dying Light 2 PS Plus
Image: Push Square

A three-hour trial for open world zombiefest Dying Light 2 has just been added to PS Plus Premium, on both PS5 and PS4. As with any other trial on the service, the clock only counts down when you're actually in the game, so this three hour time limit is fairly generous. Dying Light 2 is quite a meaty release — it takes over 20 hours to see the main story through — but you can still get a good feel for it in the first few hours.

Sony seems to be developing a habit of dropping these PS Plus Premium trials at random. The last title to be added was Steel Rising back near the end of September. If you want the full picture on what's being plopped to the subscription service these days, you can check out our comprehensive All PS Plus Games guide.

Think you'll give Dying Light 2 a whirl through PS Plus Premium? Start splatting zombie heads in the comments section below.

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