Steelrising PS5 PlayStation 5 PS Plus Premium 1

If our 7/10 Steelrising PS5 review didn’t convince you to buy Spiders’ French Souls-like just yet, PS Plus Premium members can enjoy some hands-on time as part of their subscription. Sony has quietly added a two-hour trial to the top tier of its subscription service, allowing you to get a feel for this industrial alternative to Europe’s most-famous uprising.

Like all other PS Plus trials, the two-hour countdown will only get underway while you’re in-game, so don’t worry too much about how long it’ll take to download. Remember, you can find a full list of All PS Plus Games, including game trials, through the link.

In other unrelated Steelrising news, an update due on 29th September will add New Game+ to the release, where you’ll find four additional weapons and an extra outfit. The patch will also rebalance some combat mechanics and fix a variety of bugs. Excitingly, if you’re already intimately familiar with the campaign, then New Game+ will mix up the enemies and their move sets, keeping you firmly on your tippy-toes.