OlliOlli World has enjoyed some pretty nice post-launch support, with the meaty DLC pack Void Riders arriving earlier in the year. Developer Roll7 has just announced the next expansion, named Finding the Flowzone, and it looks like another great excuse to hop back in.

Launching on 2nd November, Finding the Flowzone introduces yet more locations to skate through, this time taking the action to the skies. You're on the hunt for the fabled Radlantis, and you'll need to find map pieces to find the hallowed city. It looks like a major part of this DLC will be the introduction of wind zones, areas that will blow your skater around the course.

Also new are Burly routes. All levels already have optional Gnarly routes, but the Burly paths add an extra layer of complexity for those that want a bigger challenge. Furthermore, there will obviously be plenty of new cosmetic items to unlock as you explore the new levels.

Will you be hopping back into OlliOlli World with this DLC? Grab big air in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]