Dragon Age: Dreadwolf PS5 PlayStation

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next entry in the seminal RPG franchise from Mass Effect creators BioWare, doesn't yet have a release date, and we are ravenous for whatever tidbits we can get our grimy paws on. In a new post over on the BioWare Blog, we got a sneak peek at some codex entries which will reportedly appear in-game.

Each entry is written from the perspective of what is presumably a party member, chronicling their thoughts and feelings in a diary. The names of characters have been obscured, so we admittedly don't learn much, just some interesting asides about mortuary practices and the feeding habits of a dragon called Vinsomer.

It's exciting just to know that another Dragon Age is coming, though, with what we now know as Dreadwolf having been in the works for years now. You can check the entries out for yourself below.

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