Dragon Age 4 Development

Veteran RPG studio BioWare skipped EA Play Live 2021 earlier this week, meaning that we didn't get any new updates on Dragon Age 4 (or whatever it ends up being called). However, in a new report, VentureBeat cites sources that say Dragon Age 4 development is going well, and that it's currently on track for a 2023 release window.

As VGC points out, 2023 has always seemed a likely target for BioWare and EA. Back in a 2019 financial call, the publisher stated that Dragon Age 4 wasn't expected to release before fiscal year 2023 (beginning in April 2022). It's fair to assume that we're going to be waiting on Dragon Age 4 for a long while yet.

Going by what we've heard about the project previously, Dragon Age 4's development cycle has not been straightforward. At one point, the title was going to incorporate live service elements and a "heavy" multiplayer component — but that version of the game was supposedly canned, and BioWare is now all-in on a single-player experience akin to previous Dragon Age titles.

With that in mind, it's perhaps a relief to hear that things are going smoothly — although there's now no doubt that the project was publicly announced way too early.

[source venturebeat.com, via videogameschronicle.com]