Gotham Knight's release date is fast approaching, with the gritty cooperative action game coming to PS5 on the 21st October. It's interesting, then, that we got a launch trailer more than a week ahead. We will forgive this specific faux pa on account of the pure awesomeness on display here and our particular teenage nostalgia for its chosen backing track.

We get to see much of the vaunted Rogues Gallery of the Batman universe, with many of the Dark Knight's most fearsome foes getting their moment in the spotlight. From the Court of Owl's imposing enforcer, the Talon, to the psychotic Harley Quinn, Oswald Cobblepot's Penguin, and Mr Freeze, just to name a few. All get their moment to shine, and we get some tantalising gameplay snippets throughout.

Also, word to the wise, apparently some spoilers have begun to crop up for this one, on messageboards and on Twitter, so if you are hyped and want to go into the experience fresh, exercise some caution online.

Are you excited about the release of Gotham Knights? How awesome are/were the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Don the cowl in the comments section below.