The Last of Us PS5 UK Sales 1

The Last of Us: Part I has topped the UK sales charts – but the £69.99 remake-cum-remaster is not exactly pulling up trees. Naughty Dog’s sumptuous return to Joel and Ellie’s inaugural outing sold about half of what Saints Row managed during its launch week – although it’s important to underline that, in both instances, this only refers to physical copies.

We know that more and more players are choosing to purchase titles digitally these days, and therefore this may not be a particularly meaningful data point in the grand scheme of things. It’s also worth stressing that Saints Row launched on multiple systems – including last-gen formats – and enjoyed five days of tracking, compared to The Last of Us’ two.

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However, considering it’s such a critically acclaimed brand, there is the slimmest of suggestions that the PS5 remake may not be off to the hottest of starts. That price point is, of course, a sickener – especially considering the looming cost of living crisis, which looks set to hit especially hard on British shores. In our poll, about 54 per cent of our readers said they were unsure or unlikely to buy the title.

Of course, Sony is probably thinking longer-term with this launch anyway. The title is still due to release on PC at a later date – and the upcoming HBO show is certain to catapult interest in the franchise overall. Don’t rule out this version having long legs, then – and it’s worth reiterating once more that physical sales should not be considered the barometer for a release’s success anymore.