The interest in The Last of Us IP appears to be at an absolute fever pitch right now as yesterday's teaser for HBO's TV adaptation of the first game has already been viewed an absurd 13 million times. Interest in the post from the series' official Twitter account has gone into overdrive as fans flock to view the new trailer on the social media site. Then, on YouTube, the teaser trended worldwide and amassed another four million views.

Garnering more than 17 million views in less than 24 hours is some seriously impressive stuff. It very, very comfortably beats stats set by Sony games and livestreams. You can keep a tally of how many views the Twitter post has by just clicking play.

Of course, it's up for debate what these websites count as a single "view". Simply scrolling past the auto-playing video on your phone could well contribute to the total, so it's unlikely 13 million users have actually sat down and watched the trailer from beginning to end on Twitter. However, these are still very promising statistics. Sony likely has a winner on its hands.

The Last of Us will be available to watch on HBO in the USA and on Sky in the UK next year. How many times have you replayed the trailer? Don't embarrass yourself too much in the comments below.