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A big new feature on the PS5 allows you to wishlist games, and it’s something Sony expects fans to do more frequently moving forwards. Speaking with Games, indies evangelist Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the platform holder is encouraging publishers to prepare their PS Store game pages as soon as a title is announced, so that fans can wishlist it right away.

This is something you see on Steam a lot, and it’s beginning to happen on PS5 now. For example, when Firewall Ultra was announced for PSVR2 recently, its game page was added to the PS Store almost immediately, and you can wishlist it right now. If you do go ahead and follow the game, you’ll be notified when it releases, as well as any subsequent discounts and availability in PS Plus.

This is, of course, a win for developers and publishers – but it’s also helpful for consumers as well. It’s all part of PlayStation’s efforts to improve the PS Store experience, both for major publishers and smaller indie studies, too. Consequently, expect more PS5 trailers to end with ‘Wishlist on PS Store’ statements moving forwards.