Silent Hill: The Short Message PS5

The speculation surrounding new Silent Hill games from Konami has been lent more weight as a Korean age rating for a Silent Hill: The Short Message has been spotted. The subtitle attached suggests this could either be an entirely new entry in the survival horror series or a demo for one in the same vein as PT. Platforms aren't attached to the age rating.

Strong rumours of new Silent Hill titles have been doing the rounds for years now — they date all the way back to the first PS5 event in June 2020 — but more recent suggestions have included screenshots and details. Building on that speculation, the Korean ratings board would only lend an age rating to an official product, so there has to be something here for it to work with. It's speculated a Silent Hill 2 remake is in the works from Bloober Team alongside new games.

Reading into the subtitle some more, it could be suggested whatever The Short Message is includes a sort of text messaging system. It was recently said we won't have to wait too long for a Silent Hill reveal, so perhaps official news is right around the corner. With TGS and a State of Play livestream out of the way, though, it's difficult to pinpoint an obvious event for the announcement to take place during. It's also suggested Konami has Metal Gear Solid remasters and a Castlevania revival lined up for the coming years.

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