With all the Deathloop news swirling today, including confirmation of the immersive sim’s arrival on alternative platforms, you may have forgotten that the critically acclaimed first-person shooter is coming to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on 20th September, 2022. Sony announced the lineup for the upper-echelons of its flagship subscription service eons ago, so here’s a timely reminder for you.

The unique Arkane outing will be accompanied by dozens of other additions to PS Plus next week, including Watch Dogs 2, Rayman Legends, and Syphon Filter 2 – and the PS1 re-release will include Trophies, which is neat. Remember, if you’re struggling to keep track of All PS Plus Games, then we have a comprehensive guide that will help you remain abreast of all the incoming arrivals and upcoming expiry dates. You can find that through here.

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