Deathloop PS5

As was sort-of leaked yesterday, Deathloop is indeed heading to Xbox, and its debut will be day-and-date with the game's appearance on PS Plus Extra. That's 20th September, so only a few days away. On that very same day, though, all versions of the Arkane FPS will receive a free content update named Goldenloop.

This update makes some interesting additions to the game. Perhaps the most intriguing is the promise of an "extended" ending, though of course we don't know any details on that. A blog post does tell us about other new bits and pieces, including a new weapon: the HALPS Prototype, which fires a continuous laser that can be reflected off of security cameras and turrets.

There's a new ability called Fugue to master. This will send enemies into a temporary stupor, confounding them briefly so you can slip by. It'll have four discoverable upgrades that further enhance it. There are also four new upgrades to find for Julianna's Masquerade ability, which previously didn't have any.

Paint-Bombers are a new enemy variety that will charge at you covered in colourful explosives. Finally, 2-in-1 Trinkets are being added, combining the abilities of two previous Trinkets into one, giving you more flexibility in your loadout.

Again, this Goldenloop update hits all versions of Deathloop on 20th September. Are you interested in checking out these additions? Let us know in the comments section below.