Persona Famitsu

Remember back in the summer of last year when Atlus said it had a bunch of announcements in store for its Persona series' 25th anniversary? Well, the last of those announcements is supposed to be dropping this autumn. We're still waiting on this supposed grand finale, and now, a tease from Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has kicked off a lot of speculation.

The publication's upcoming issue will include a special Persona feature, which fans think could be tied to this final, mystery announcement. Famitsu itself has said that the article will be made up of 25th anniversary artwork, a developer discussion, and interviews with key staff members — but that isn't stopping people from dreaming big.

While we can't see Atlus making a megaton announcement in this feature, we could see it going for a little tease of what's to come. Anyway, it might be worth keeping an eye out for said Famitsu article, which releases on the 13th October.

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