Persona 25th Anniversary

Hold on to your hype, Persona fans — Atlus has just opened a new 25th Anniversary website for its most beloved series, which teases seven projects that will be revealed over the course of a full year. There are no hints as to what these projects are, but the first is being announced in September 2021.

"Stay tuned for a year of Persona news, events, and more!" reads the official word from Atlus West.

We'd hazard a guess that one of these projects is the inevitable Persona 6 — which Atlus has mentioned before anyway — but the other six projects are much harder to predict. It's also worth noting that these projects aren't necessarily video games. They could be anime-related, for example.

In any case, now's the time to start dreaming. Give us your most wanted announcements, no matter how crazy, in the comments section below.

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