Soul Hackers 2's 26th August release date is fast approaching, and today we got a new trailer showing just a snippet of the story that awaits JRPG fans later this month.

Soul Hackers 2 follows the exploits of a futuristic digital being named Ringo, as she works to avert an apocalypse detected by Aion, an artificial entity that watches over mankind.

The trigger for the apocalypse is the death of two individuals, and Ringo and a group of Devil Summoners (humans able to make contact with the demon realm) must work together to protect them for the sake of humanity.

We got a pretty hefty look at gameplay last month, and Soul Hackers 2 looks like it will continue the string of excellence the Shin Megami Tensei franchise is known for, and fans of Persona will no doubt feel right at home here.

Are you looking forward to Soul Hackers 2? Did you play the first game on PS1 back in 1999? Hack into the comments section below, for the good of us all.