Upcoming RPG Soul Hackers 2 has a new trailer that covers a range of topics over its hefty seven-minute runtime. The whole thing's in Japanese, but it's easy enough to get the gist of what's being shown here (and thanks Gematsu for the English transcription, which you can find by enabling subtitles on the video).

The main points of the video include a 'safe house' system where you can get together with your party members, a New Game + mode that lets you carry over progress from a completed run, and the choice of three difficulty options: easy, normal, and hard. A fourth setting, very hard, will be released as free DLC.

The aforementioned safe house looks like it'll act as a hub for your team before you go dungeon-diving. You can prepare for missions by eating meals, or talk to your buddies. It also sounds like New Game + will offer additional content should you decide to start a second playthrough. The website mentions "new requests that allow you to fight stronger enemies". Cool!

Soul Hackers 2's PS5 and PS4 release date is rapidly approaching. The neon-tinged title is still set to launch in just over a month, on the 24th August. Are you looking forward to this one? Recruit some demons in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]