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Rumours of Dead Island 2's re-emergence have been swirling for years, with the beleaguered title being shunted between various publishers and developers since it was first announced in 2014.

According to leak master general Tom Henderson over at Try Hard Guides, though, a re-reveal of the title could be in the offing for Q4 of 2022. Henderson's source did not provide an exact date, but said that a reveal at The Game Awards 2022 would "make a lot of sense".

Dead Island 2 will reportedly continue in the vein of the original Dead Island, with a focus on cooperative play, and will feature a new cast of 5-6 playable characters.

Henderson says that since his original reporting on the matter (on YouTube), other sources have come forward to claim that the game is in pretty good shape. A source who has played the game said that "it’s probably my most anticipated game after playing it", and others backed reports the game will feature several different locations set in California, including San Francisco and Hollywood.

What do you think of the long-running Dead Island 2 saga? Are you optimistic we will see the title, possibly revealed at The Game Awards 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.