1 Dead Island Wallpapers

Dead Island 2 still exists, apparently. The open-world zombie title, announced all the way back at E3 2014, has changed developers for a second time, making Dambuster Studios the third team to work on the project.

In a new report from publishing powerhouse THQ Nordic, it is explained that development of the Dead Island franchise and the second entry in particular has been entrusted to the team based in Nottingham, UK. Best known for its work on Homefront: The Revolution, it's not really the best track record to kick things off with. Still, let's hope this brings about some sort of progress for Dead Island 2. We can't help but feel that if it does make it to market, though, that next year's Dying Light 2 will most likely eat its lunch.

Do you think Dead Island 2 will ever make it to market? Cut off some zombie heads in the comments below.

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