California screamin'

The original Dead Island seemed to get its head turned by that iconic debut trailer. While it was ostensibly a silly co-operative zombie slayer, said first footage gave gamers expectations that the final product could never live up to. Fortunately, the folks over at German developer Yager appear to be setting out their stall much more honestly with Dead Island 2, as this looks like it’s going to be a ridiculous romp in the sun.

And that’s evidenced by the Gamescom 2014 gameplay footage embedded below, which has an almost Bulletstorm-esque appeal to it. Indeed, it seems that rather than thumping the undead with paddles, you’ll instead be able to freeze or fry them. The creative kill mechanic’s nothing new, of course, but it does seem to fit the franchise much better than the semi-serious tone that let the previous entries down.

The title will be playable in Germany all next week – a first for the series – so expect to learn a lot more over the coming days.