So often, the audio in games gets completely overlooked, but you always notice when the sound is bad. (Yes, we’re looking specifically at you, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.) Hogwarts Legacy, however, has been eager to flex its audio with a series of ASMR videos – and no, there’s none of that weird ear nibbling here.

You may recall, developer Avalanche previously produced a rainy soundscape, introducing some drizzly locales from its upcoming PS5 and PS4 open world game. This time the developer’s plumped up for a summer theme, showing baking greenery, cooling waterfalls, and even an overcast beachfront. It all looks and sounds absolutely stunning.

We’re still not sure whether these have been specially mixed to provide the relaxing ASMR effect, or if they’re representative of what we’ll actually experience in the game. If it’s the latter, though, we think the 3D audio on PS5 specifically is going to be sensational here: the sense of place in some of these clips, as waves clip at your feet and sea creatures flop on the sand, is truly top-notch.

Pre-orders for the game's standard and special editions are now live.