Whether you’re a subscriber to Fred’s Voice or you think the ASMR boom is all a bit odd, this Hogwarts Legacy video is probably something we can all get behind. The 20-minute video centres on slow, panning shots from Avalanche’s upcoming PS5 and PS4 open world, showing off the stunning architecture of Britain’s best wizarding school – as well as locations like Hogsmeade, where an enchanted watering can is hydrating the plants.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that the audio ambience is seriously impressive: there’s one scene where a metallic sign is hanging from a coffee shop, and you can hear every clink and clank as it rocks gently in the wind. Presumably this is all representative of the final product, meaning the 3D audio effect on Sony’s new-gen console should be especially immersive.

Pre-orders for the game's standard and special editions are now live.

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