Multiversus PS5 PlayStation 5 1

MultiVersus will remain in pre-season for a little longer, as Player First Games has delayed the fighting game phenom’s first season indefinitely. But when it eventually does arrive, you can look forward to a brand-new Battle Pass featuring 50 tiers of content. That’s over three times the size of the current Battle Pass, so there’s tons to look forward to here.

In addition to the usual drip-feed of in-game currency and progression boosters, expect the reward track to include new skins – or Variants – emotes, and ring-out effects. According to game director Tony Huynh, it’ll cost approximately 950 Gleamium to unlock the premium rewards, which works out at about £7.99/$9.99 in real-money.

The developer’s yet to fully detail what we can expect from Season 1, although we do know Morty is being added to the title soon. We expect we’ll get more news during EVO this weekend, where announcements relating to a whole slew of fighting games are expected. Sony is even running its own stream of the event, now it’s a co-owner of course.