PS5 Japan Hardware Sales 1
Image: Push Square

Sony is already having a torrid time in its home territory, but it looks like the PS5’s price hike could prove the straw that broke the camel’s back in its domestic Japan. Like the rest of the worldapart from the USA, of course – Japanese gamers have been reacting to the console’s revised price point, and many are simply giving up on their pursuit of the platform.

The Blu-ray model, which cost ¥49,980 (~$366) at launch, will rise to ¥60,478 (~$448) – an unprecedented increase. And responding to Famitsu’s report on the news, many players are pointing out that they simply don’t need the platform anymore. There’s a lot of talk of transitioning to the PC, with some pondering whether exclusive Final Fantasy 16 will eventually be available elsewhere.

Many have also pointed out that they haven’t had an opportunity to even find PS5 stock yet, and already the price has gone up. Sony’s new-gen console has struggled to find its footing in Japan, due to a general lack of availability. Some major stores are running raffles in the country, with “winners” rewarded with the opportunity to snag a system.

For enthusiasts, particularly in Japan, there’s a malaise around the PS5 right now. Sure, the console is still performing pretty well overall, but the Nintendo Switch is utterly dominating it – and many developers who once made PlayStation exclusives are beginning to explore other platforms. Sony needs a consistent string of goodwill to put fans in a more positive frame of mind, that's for sure.